Midnight Coffee Podcast Episode Zerois now available for your listening pleasure either here or at http://www.soundcloud.com/midnight-coffee

This Week’s Show

This week’s show will be our final broadcast on Black Squirrel Radio.

So be sure to tune in, but keep an eye on this blog.

Show Topic #3 (April 21/April 22)

Case Studies in “First-World Problems” - Those minor inconveniences that drive us insane from day-to-day; which are the result of living, as we do, in technologically advanced Western Society.

So tune in tonight, or if you can’t but want to contribute your stories or lists of “First-World Problems,” send them in to midnightcoffeeshow@gmail.com

We hope you enjoyed tonight’s Performance Art installation

The title, once again, was “Slightly Over 100 Minutes - Wikipedia Brown and the case of Oh God why does my Shoulder hurt so much all I did last night was play cards.

EDS Here…

…and I, personally, would like to thank all of you.  The show we just did was nothing short of electrifying. I love each and every one of you.

Shows like Tonight’s are the only thing that give me hope for the future of my career.  Thank you all.

Show Topic #2 (April 7/April 8)

Perfect Day - What, for you, would be the perfect day?  Sangria in the park?  Trips to the Zoo?  Perhaps a road trip out to a music festival?  

No matter which it is, listen tonight (www.blacksquirrelradio.com) and let us know!  

Or, if you’d like, you can tell us about a day that you would call “The Best Day of Your Life.”

So, as always, just call us up live OR send us your stories via midnightcoffeeshow@gmail.com

See you tonight ;)


Get excited, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Show Topic #1 (March 31/April 1)

Awkward Encounters - That’s right folks, in honor of our awkward return to the airwaves, we are asking YOU (yes, you.  Specifically, you) for your stories of run-ins with ex-lovers, ex-friends, expatriates and/or your everyday meth addict on the street.

If you think you won’t be able to call-in Live, send us an eMail via midnightcoffeeshow@gmail.com

Keep an eye on this blog, too, while you’re at it. : )


Greetings, caffeinated masses!  We hope that your break from our broadcasts has been productive and well-spent.

But that life is over, Ladies and Gentlemen! Midnight Coffee will be returning at 12:00a.m. on April 1st.  

BUT THIS IS NO SIMPLE JOKE, DEAR BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. This is, contrary to the laws of God and Man, actually happening.

So what can you, the listener, do about it?  Tune in to www.blacksquirrelradio.com to listen to us!

In the words of the late Kurt Vonnegut Jr: 

"Midnight Coffee is here on Earth to fart around.  Don’t let anybody tell you any different."